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Here are some tips and questions you should ask to help you protect your kids’ privacy online. Let your kids know they can talk to you if they notice anything unusual or if they see something that bothers them.

Do you know what sites your children are using?Have a conversation with your kids about the types of games and services, mobile devices, apps, and other new technologies they are using.  Make sure they are old enough to use these sites and have frequent conversations about being web wise.

Do your kids STOP.THINK.CONNECT?Talk to them about privacy and owning their online presence. Help your children understand the public nature of the Internet and its risks as well as benefits. Be sure they know that any digital info they share, such as emails, photos, or videos, can easily be copied and pasted elsewhere, and is almost impossible to take back. Things that could damage their reputation, friendships, or future prospects should not be shared electronically.

Have you talked with your kids about their online reputation?Talk with your kids about their privacy – what it means to them, how they can protect it and what it means to be a digital citizen. Let them know what goes online, stays online for a very long time.

Do your kids know how to use privacy settings?Teach your kids how to use the privacy settings, which are available on most reputable services. Let them know they should never share certain personal information including: birth date; address; phone numbers; their current location; financial information; social security numbers; passwords; and vacation plans. 

Are you teaching your kids to respect others’ privacy?Respecting others’ privacy is just as important as protecting your own. Remind your children to be good “digital friends” by respecting personal information of friends and family and not sharing anything about others that is potentially embarrassing or hurtful.

Are your kids sexting?Help your kids learn good habits now, teach them to think before they act. Make sure they understand what sexting is and the potential legal consequences of such behavior.

Privacy Tips for Parents & Kids (PDF)

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