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Contribute to the Stay Safe Online Blog

The National Cyber Security Alliance believes many voices should be heard in the building of a safer and more secure Internet. In that spirit, NCSA welcomes others to share their advice on the Stay Safe Online Blog. To ensure that blogs are consistent with the core messaging of NCSA and its board member companies, submissions should adhere to the following guidelines.

Blogs should be: 

  • Consistent with – and incorporate where appropriate – tips and advice from STOP. THINK. CONNECT., the national cybersecurity education and awareness campaign. View STOP. THINK. CONNECT. tips
  • Empowering to the reader, encouraging positive action and avoiding fear-based rationale. 
  • Centered on issues and advice, not pitching products. Recommending a specific product as a way to stay safe online is permissible, but it should not be the focus.  

NCSA reserves the right to decline submissions for any reason. Authors are highly encouraged to read the Stay Safe Online Blog to ensure their submission is an appropriate addition.

To have your blog entry included on the Stay Safe Online Blog, propose your blog or submit a draft to info@staysafeonline.org. An NCSA staff member who will serve as your editor will contact you in 1 to 2 weeks regarding your submission.