Data Privacy Day

Social Media

Get involved with #DPD15, #ChatDPD

Some of the most simple and effective ways to show your support for Data Privacy Day are through social media. Consider these easy ways to promote the privacy conversation on social networks.
  • #DPD15. Promote Data Privacy Day on social networks with messages promoting privacy and data stewardship using the hashtag #DPD15 on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and more. Create your own messages or use the list of prepared posts below. 
  • #ChatDPD. Join Data Privacy Day (@DataPrivacyDay) every Wednesday in January at 3 p.m. ET on Twitter for a conversation about different topics pertaining to privacy and data stewardship. Just use the hashtag #ChatDPD. Learn more about the upcoming #ChatDPD topics and participants on the DPD Events page.
  • Make Data Privacy Day visible on your profiles. Download DPD profile images for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. 
  • Follow & Like Data Privacy Day. Join us on TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn to stay current on all the latest DPD initiatives and resources, as well as privacy and data stewardship news throughout the year. 

Prepared Posts
Create Awareness about Privacy

  • “Happy Data Privacy Day!! #DPD15
  • #didyouknow Data Privacy Day is on Jan. 28 and the official hashtag is #DPD15?
  • Retweet if you #respect #privacy and #safeguard data! #DPD15
  • Did you know Data Privacy Day is on Jan. 28 every year? Get involved and attend an event in your area: #DPD15
  • Did you know Data Privacy Day (DPD) is held on Jan. 28 annually? DPD creates awareness about #privacy and educates everyone about how their info may be collected and the benefits and risks of sharing personal information. Businesses are also encouraged to be stewards of personal information. You can learn more about Data Privacy Day here: #DPD15
  •  Data Privacy Day is about #Respecting #Privacy, #Safeguarding Data and Enabling #Trust! Get involved and pass it on. #DPD15
  • Data Privacy Day is about #Respecting #Privacy, #Safeguarding Data and Enabling #Trust! Everyone can participate and get involved. Be a privacy leader on social media and tell your friends and family why privacy is important. Here are other ways you can get involved: #DPD15
  • What does #privacy mean to you? Answer and retweet! #DPD15
  • Privacy means many things to different people. What does #privacy mean to you? A. The right to be and say what I want to a select audience, B. The right to make mistakes without someone making judgments C. The freedom to just be D. Fill in the blank… #DPD15
  • I Will Promote the Ethical and Innovative Use of #Data! Retweet if you will do the same. #datainnovationpledge #DPD15
  • Take the #datainnovationpledge by posting “I Will Promote the Ethical and Innovative Use of Data! #datainnovationpledge #DPD15” on your social media accounts. Our goal is to reach 100,000 pledges by Data Privacy Day (Jan, 28, 2015).
  • #Privacy is everyone’s business – Expect it, Respect it, Protect it! #DPD15
  • #Privacy is everyone’s business – Expect it, Respect it, Protect it! Do your part by getting involved in Data Privacy Day on Jan. 28. Engage in the conversation on social media by using #DPD15.

Privacy on the Go

  • Get savvy about public Wi-Fi hotspots. Public #WiFi is not secure and leaves you vulnerable to criminals.  #DPD15
  • Get savvy about #WiFi hotspots: Limit the type of business you conduct on public #wireless networks, and adjust the #security settings on your device to limit who can access your machine. Public Wi-Fi is not secure and leaves you vulnerable to criminals. Here is a helpful explainer:
  • Protect your personal information by learning more about an #app before you download. #DPD15
  • Ask yourself, does this #app need to know my location? Many apps don’t need geo-location enabled in order to work properly. #DPD15 #privacy
  • When you download an #app on social media or your #mobile device, you may be allowing it to collect personal information like your contacts list or location. If possible, look at an app’s permissions before downloading and make sure you are comfortable with the information it collects. If the app doesn’t tell you what information it collects, don’t assume it doesn’t collect anything. #DPD15
  • #Mobile #privacytip: Ask permission before taking a photo or video of someone. More tips: #DPD15
  • Ask permission before taking a photo or video of someone. Some people, even if they are your friends, may not want their pictures taken and/or posted #online. Respect #privacy, and simply ask if it’s OK first. More tips: #DPD15
  • If your friends use an app, it doesn’t mean it’s safe. Know what info your apps use & share. More tips: #DPD15
  • #Mobile #privacytip: Keep a Clean Machine. Smartphones are at risk of malware that access personal info. More tips: #DPD15
  • Yes, even your #smartphone is vulnerable to #malware and viruses. Keep a Clean Machine by having and updating your anti-virus regularly. Malware and viruses can access and steal personal information, which can lead to #identity theft. #DPD15 #IDtheft
  • Wireless #privacy #infographic for travelers from @PRIVATEWiFi and @STOPTHNKCONNECT #DPD15
  • Public #WiFi #security and the benefits of using a #VPN: via @privatewifi #DPD15

Social and Digital Life

  • Check your #privacy settings often. Updates for apps and #software can change privacy preferences to a default setting. #DPD15
  • #Software updates for apps and products can modify #privacy preferences to a default setting. Often times this means less privacy and more sharing of your information. Check your privacy settings often to make sure they are set at your comfort level of sharing.  #DPD15
  • Own Your Online Presence. Set the #privacy & #security settings to your comfort level for info sharing. #DPD15
  • Many products and services will provide tools to manage your #privacy and #security. These tools can sometimes be hard to find. Here is a one-stop shop for easy instructions to update privacy settings for many of the popular products and services: #DPD15
  • Use the Data Privacy Day logo as your profile pic to tell the world about #DPD15!
  • Personal information is like money – Value it. Protect it! #DPD15
  • Personal information is as valuable as money. You are often paying for “free” services with your personal information. Before you willingly provide your information to a service, make sure it is a business you trust to handle your information with care. #DPD15
  • Your favorite websites and social networks reveal information you might not want to share. Set the limits this #DPD15:
  • This #DPD15 make sure you manage your browser cookies for ultimate #privacy with tips from @privatewifi:
  • #Didyouknow cookies are used to remember and track #Internet users’ data, habits, experiences and preferences across the web? #DPD15
  • Cookie: “A text file, usually encrypted, stored on a #computer in a place a browser can easily access. Acts as a kind of super name tag, carrying all sorts of #data about a user from site to site. An extremely common tool for #online tracking, but not the only way to do it.” – More “Private Terms for Public Conversations” here:
  • #Didyouknow a #privacy policy does not guarantee that your info will be kept #private? #DPD15
  • #Privacy policies are not a notice that your privacy is being protected. These policies are often used to inform customers about how personal information might be used; however, not all data practices are necessarily explained in a privacy policy. Learn more about managing your #privacy here:
  • #privacytip: Respecting others’ #privacy is just as important as protecting your own. More tips: #DPD15
  • Looking for ways to celebrate #Data #Privacy Day on Jan. 28? Some ideas & tips: #DPD15
  • Participating in #Data #Privacy Day doesn’t have to take a lot of time. You can post a message on social media, offer your friends and family a #privacy tip or write a blog. Here are other ways to engage in Data Privacy Day on Jan. 28: #DPD15
  • Demand #privacy! You deserve it! #DPD 15
  • Demand #privacy! You deserve it! Business should be open and honest about how they collect, use and share personal information. Any options provided to consumers to control their personal information should be easy to use and effective. #DPD 15
  • #DoAGoodDeed: Teach a kid or family member how 2 use #privacy settings on devices/social media.  More @ #DPD15
  • Teaching a friend or family member how to use #privacy settings is a great way to get involved with #Data #Privacy Day! All small steps taken to create awareness about privacy help the greater campaign. Here are other easy things you can do: #DPD15
  • #privacytip: Share with Care – What you post can last a lifetime. #DPD15
  • Your #online reputation can help you, but it can also hurt you. Unlike having a conversation in person with a friend, anything you post online can last a lifetime and be taken out of context.  Understand the consequence of your actions before posting. #DPD15
  • #privacytip: Your online reputation is a good thing! Create a strong, personal brand for yourself. More tips: #DPD15
  • A positive #online presence can help you get the job you want or get in to the college of your dreams. Create a strong online presence by posting positive messages about yourself or others or writing a blog. You can check your #digital footprint by searching for your name online. #DPD15
  • #privacy tip: Be cautious about who you “friend” & communicate with #online. More tips: #DPD15
  • Individuals may not be who they say they are. When you “friend” someone, you are allowing them access to your personal information as well as your friends and family. It’s ok to limit where you share information or whom you allow as a friend or follower on social media. #DPD15
  • Protect your #privacy; don’t give out your Social Security number online: #DPD15
  • #privacytip: Respect others. Only share something online if the other person is comfortable. More tips: #DPD15 
  • The golden rule applies #online, too! Only post about others as you would want posted about yourself. Also think about how something you say online can be taken out of context or how others may perceive your post. Share with care – what you post can last a lifetime. #DPD15
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