Data Privacy Day
About DPD
Data Privacy Day (DPD), celebrated annually on Jan. 28, is an international effort centered on "Respecting Privacy, Safeguarding Data and Enabling Trust."
Promote DPD
Download the Data Privacy Day logos, posters and other graphics, as well as special collateral like name tags and a PowerPoint template for DPD events. * No explicit permission is required to use these materials. *
Get Involved
Contribute to the success of Data Privacy Day by sharing resources and advice on social media, hosting an event, or having your organization become a DPD Champion. You can make a difference in just a few minutes Jan. 28!
Champions pledge to participate in promoting Data Privacy Day in the manner best suited to their organization. Any organization can become a Champion; it's completely free!
Privacy Library
Your one-stop shop for privacy tips and resources for families, businesses, educators and more!
Privacy Tips
As we increasingly connect our lives to the Internet with new devices and apps, understanding how to manage our privacy has become a greater concern. We've created tips designed to encourage and motivate consumers to consider the privacy implications of their online actions for themselves and others.
Find public events in your area and free webinars that you can attend to participate in Data Privacy Day.
Check Privacy Settings
Learn how to check - and if necessary, update - your privacy and security settings for your favorite online devices and services. (Image Credit: Green Checkmark Clip Art from

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